What is Color Management?


The psychology of color, and how it affects consumer behavior and persuasion has long been a subject of debate. However, research has proven that color is a powerful marketing tool that often influences consumers purchasing decisions. We know you need to communicate a message, which is why color is so vital. It not only evokes emotion, it also bolsters and reinforces brand attributes.  At Pro Image Sign we understand the extensive amount of time and consideration that goes into developing and building a brand and the importance color plays in that development. That’s why we invest in Color Management tools that help us match and reproduce your brand colors as closely as possible to their original colors.

The fact is that all your devices ( i.e. monitors, cameras, phones, printers, scanners) reproduce colors differently. Often times even the same make and model output device can produce slightly different colors if they are not calibrated correctly. Color Management is a way to set up the environment so that all the devices are talking the same language and outputting the right colors.  The ultimate goal is to be able to reproduce and print the same colors that show up on the display or monitor.  Of course, there are a number of other external factors that could influence color deviation.  These factors can include but not limited too; variable light sources, material, and various external environmental factors.  That’s why Color Management is such a critical process.  The Color Management tools and software help to create profiles for all your devices that are part of the reproduction process.  These profiles are then used during printing resulting in an accurate color recreation. We know you need to look good, so we make that happen with Color Management.

At Pro Image Signs & Graphics, our name says it all.  You’ve spent considerable blood, sweat, tears and money creating and developing your brand, so have we, so why trust just anyone to reproduce it.  If quality and service matter most then contact our team at Pro Image Sign & Graphics. 


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